Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall Fashion Ritual

This year looked as if stripes and plaids, with black booties were in. What do I know? Just that skulking around Lincoln Center during Fashion Week provides me with a drawing day almost unparalleled with opportunity. Designers, models, model wanna be-s, the famous, infamous, paparazzi, seekers of fame and the people- like me, just happy to be in and around one of the hottest tickets in town come Fall.

Friday, August 8, 2014

100 (Almost) Views of Haystack Rock

On the heels of a most inspiring ICON conference in Portland, Or. this summer, I treated myself to three days at Cannon Beach on the magnificent Oregon Coast. Cannon Beach is home to the infamous Haystack Rock. There is no doubt that once one is on this majestic beach, everything is about that Rock. The Rock looms large as you round the coastal highway, approaching town. It is a sight to behold. It has a presence, a persona, that is overpowering. People flock to it all hours of the day and night, when you are eating in a restaurant, every so often you hear "Haystack Rock" wafting through the conversations, when you are shopping, you are asked if you have been to the Rock, when you are given directions, it is always in reference to the Rock. From my incredible beachside room, I could see the Rock, and I, too, fell under the influence. On my first day, I tooled around the coast, driving to Manzanita, a town that has an equally beautiful beach, but it did not have that Rock. I drove north to Astoria and had some great chowder under an historic bridge, but, again, no Rock. I found myself missing that Rock. It was like a companion piece for me- 
a stability, a, well, a Rock. 
Of course, I drew it the minute that I got there, hardly doing it justice. 
But, as its presence and comfort grew in my mind and my space, I realized that it was always with me, even when I was 40 miles away. And that is when I thought about one of my favorite and biggest inspirations, Hokusai. Most of you will know who I am speaking about if you think about the image of the big wave- but he was so much more than that. First and foremost in my mind, an incredible draftsman whose sketchbooks are legendary. Another lesser known book that I adore is Hokusai's 100 Views of Mt. Fuji. And that is when I decided "yes, I am going to channel Hokusai! 100 views of Haystack Rock." It was 5pm on Tuesday when inspiration struck. I had to leave for the airport at 8am on  Thursday am. I set to work. No one had to twist my arm to walk in and around the beach for a day, sketchbook at my side, working feverishly to get to my goal. I did not make it. 75. That is where 
I ended.  I think that I could have, if I used my photos to record those last 25. 
But, this was a challenge to draw it on location.
 I am back now, from my mini vacation with the Rock.
 I still feel as if it is over my shoulder.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Accident on Columbus Avenue

With only two weeks left until school starts, it is a bittersweet time. Beach days have given way to lesson plans, assessment, new faculty hires, tracking down paperwork, wah, wah, wah…Long, languorous days of drawing are now peppered with errands, meetings and all of that back to school prep that has that air of excitement and anticipation- but busy. So, when after a downtown meeting, I hopped off the bus, literally, into a free lunchtime jazz concert across from Lincoln Center, I thought, this is too good to be true! The sun was hot and the air was cool this day- and so was the music. Though I had missed the first hour forty, I had twenty minutes-I found myself a spot and got lost in the moment.

There you have it- drawing saved me again. Changed my whole day. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ribbit! Frogfolio for Dellas Graphics

Once a year, for many years, a proliferation of beautifully illustrated frogs- riding bicycles, 
playing baseball, painting, drinking, just about anything that you can think of, 
populate the pages of illo annuals, and now, websites, blogs and FB. 
All for Frogfolio from Dellas Graphics, 
who gives the juicy assignment with only one caveat: there has to be one frog.
This year, with a huge thank you to AD Jim Burke, I will have a frog, a poison dart frog, 
turning the tables, charming the snake that usually eats him~
I am very honored.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello, Sailor!

It was the culmination of Fleet Week in New York City and a finer day could not be had-sunny,
glorious Memorial Day on the Hudson River. The big ships had made their passage and now, thousands of people jammed the piers to celebrate those who serve and have served. This drawing of the Intrepid is one of so many that I have made over the years, but each and every time, I do get a kind of chill that overcomes me when I think of the reason that this beauty comes to sit practically in my back yard. We thought that we would see so many sailors, but they must have been out and about enjoying what NYC has to offer a sailor on leave….:) 
The Intrepid is a NYC landmark and this drawing will be part of a show 
at the Society of Illustrators about NYC landmarks.

UPDATE: I have learned that this is one of twelve pieces selected for the calendar
that will be reproduced from the show.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Beach in Any Season

I set out with a friend for a short, albeit indulgent, trip to the beach a few weekends ago in February. Yes, the beach saves, no matter the season. Off we piled into the infamous Jitney on an early, cold, Saturday morning, layered up, anticipating the expansive, stark sky and the drama of the ocean, unfurling those waves that seem to crash louder and colder in the off season. We also imagined luxuriating in the plushy seats of the bus, lolling us to sleep as we passed through the city, further out on Long Island, with the hint of small town America appearing further and further east. WRONG. How did we not know that we were heading out in the heat of the summer rental house-hunting season?! The bus was crowded beyond anything that we could have imagined, and we were surrounded by twenty something girls, (mostly) twirling their hair incessantly and speaking much louder than necessary about who is rooming with who and how could he date her when he is living with them?! The nerve! Well, after the short shock value, it did become kind of comical, and I suppose we were rewarded, as we were upgraded to a two bedroom suite with wrap around windows when we arrived- and a major snowstorm to boot! So, there we were, literally on the beach, with the snow swirling and the waves crashing, the weeds dancing outside the windows- so close we were swaying with them.
Just one night took my breath away for days.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

They Let The Dogs Out

Today in New York would have been a very bad hair for the pampered pooches that descended on Pier 55 and MSG for the annual Westminister Dog Show. What a kick to see them rolled up, blown out and combed incessantly. Their silky tresses pranced around the ring, strutting their stuff. They looked incredible. The female handlers- not so much- they really need a fashion make-over. I think that puffed sleeves and short boxy jacket suits left when the 80's did. C'mon girls- catch up with your four-legged divas!