Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Post-it People

Here is another little installment of post-it people.
I have been trying something new- when I see an especially interesting character- like the guy in the beret, I try to follow them. Gotta be fast, so they don't catch on!
This is a great way to really understand the changing nature of one's expressions in a matter of moments.


Stephen Gardner said...

Brilliant, I loved seeing these last night and I'm delighted to see them posted this morning. Once again thanks for everything.

memi said...

Once again, you are inspiring.
Thanks, Stephen.

That drawing day is coming!!!

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Yes! Expression! Love-em! You too Stephen!

erinaceous illustration said...

These are amazing! I am totally inspired to go out with a post-it pad today. :)

Anna said...

Hi Melanie!!!!!
Love your new sketches, you rock!
I'm getting back to drawing more now... :)

memi said...

Thanks, everyone!
What a nice surprise after not checking in for a few days!

Erin, there are never too many models!
Heidi, thanks- it's often quite comical!
So great to hear from you!
I am going to check out your blog right this minute!!!