Wednesday, April 30, 2008


More days on Long Island, being a fly on the wall as my family gets their lives back on track. It seems so ordinary, but it is a window into how familiarity brings about motion. And, of course, when people are in motion, they make great models!


Ira Robbins said...

It's great to see more of your drawings..I love the combination (is it pen and pencil?) the floral patterns etc.
Your sketches are always a lesson in design for me...
and the energy of non-resistance...They look direct and without hesitation.

memi said...

Ira, thanks!
Much appreciated- yep, graphite and ink- also a brush pen.
Trying to get back to posting more- your everyday post is great inspiration.

Anna Nadler said...

Wow Melanie, I love this! So expressive.

I'm actually also working on a beauty salon illustration right now, will post soon!

Katie said...

Hi Melanie, I love these!
Peeking at some of your drawings before I muster up the energy to post as well. See you Thur.