Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tragically Hip

I went to the Tribeca Film festival last night. The film was A Powerful Noise- A documentary about the lives of three women who worked to make the lives of other women better. Though we didn't wait on line for too long, it was a little bit of a scene.
At the end of the movie, I thought that it would have been more fun to hang outside and draw the crowd for the next film...


Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Love 'em! Especially the second one, you can really sense the flashing of the cameras, the action, very dynamic. Also your last post, the beauty salon. What a great opportunity! I very much enjoy seeing your latest drawings!

Stephen Gardner said...

It's great to see you blogging again, I love these sketches. That's it, I'm drawing all weekend.

Ira Robbins said...

these are fantastically fun.
I admire your ability to get a whole group in a sketch, and sound too!

memi said...

Hey all,

thanks so much for your comments-
the nice weather is making me want to capture everything!
Who's up for a marathon???