Sunday, June 8, 2008

Winners and Losers

It's not only about the horses.
The characters themselves run from
the ridiculous to the sublime.


Stephen Gardner said...

Although I was there watching you, I still don't know how you do it. These are truly great.

memi said...

Thanks so much, Stephen.

I was totally energized by you and Ang and Ed.

Ira Robbins said...

i love these especially the first 2 sets..

memi said...

Thanks, Ira.
Next time, join us!

Mz Cheryl said...

I knew when I saw the hats... she must be at the Belmont! Amazing! And so are YOU!!!!
Girrrrl I don't know how you could take that heat that day! I watched it on TV piled up in front of the fan. Poor Big Brown, I felt he must have been too hot too:)
Fun that you all went out as a group!

memi said...

Mz Cheryl-
thanks to you for checking in-
Now, when are we going to get out there again??!!!

Maybe we need to check out that rousing band uptown
soon 'nuf...

Mary said...

These sketches are awesome.Are these from Belmont racetrack?

memi said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your comment!
Yes, they are- have you been?

Stop in again,

Mary said...

Yes,I was there with Ann Marie a while ago. How have you been? I'm glad to see your website up and running, I check it periodically to see new sketches. It brings me back to NYC...

Chad Wallace said...

So sorry i missed it! You had a productive, and very successful day. Looking forward to drawing with you again on the 27th.

memi said...

shades of your senior project, right?

Your landscape is much prettier these days, I hear.
You should post drawings of your neck of the woods.

Chad, thanks!
It was a really fun, but horribly hot day.
Looking forward to the 27th, too!