Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Passing the time

Yesterday I had to take Pablo to the vet- the poor sweet thing has been wheezing and sneezing up a storm. While I was waiting for him
as he was X-Rayed, I worked off some nervous energy by dashing out, and then back to the vet's, to knock off a couple of drawings. I've always loved the look of flat color against line. (BTW, Pablo has asthma!)


Bri Hermanson said...

First off, I hope the vet was able to help Pablo. He's such a sweetheart, and I know he's been having a hard time. I hope there is some sort of medication for the little guy.

Secondly, WOW. These are great. I especially love those pops of color. Inspiring as always!

memi said...

Hi Bri!

so glad to see you here again!

Pablito is doing better, thanks.
You know how relieved I am about that!
If anyone has any tricks for getting a cat to eat a pill, I am all ears.
thanks for checking in and for your comments-
hope to see you soon!

Anna Nadler said...

These are exilirating!!!! I give up, I don't know how to spell exilirating, hehehe

Makes me want to go draw. I wish there were more things do draw where I live, but I guess if I really wanted to, I'd find them.

Thanks for continuing to inspire me Melanie, even long after me leaving FIT :D I feel that I learned more about drawing in your class than in any other.


Anna Nadler said...

Have you tried mixing pills into Pablito's food? I know it's sneaky, but whatever works!

Ira Robbins said...

great drawing! (grays)
hope Pablo is feeling better.

smash pill up in tuna.

bribery. does Pablo have a favorite after hours tv cable show?

memi said...

Anna- thanks so much for continuing to support me!
This is still a new adventure and it's always great to hear from others. It comes full circle- then I want to draw more, too!

Thanks Anna and Ira for the Pablo pill suggestions-
I am starting to sneak it into his food, but hadn't thought of tuna.. Bri sent me a great link, too,
so thanks, everyone,,,

Stephen Gardner said...

Hi Melanie, I hope Pablo is on the mend, I know all about asthma.

These drawings are great as usual, I love the flat colour. hope to see you soon.

memi said...

Thanks, Stephen.
I too, need to push the boundaries of what I do or
else I feel like I am stalled. The flat color is one way.
I am anxious to get out for another marathon day-
Please let me know when you are back in town.
Say hi up there for me and keep the beauties coming.
Thanks for the note about Pablo- he is better- and my heart is singing again...

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Get better Pablo... nice drawings of the dogs!
A friend of mine is going through the same type of problem with his 7 year old kitty.. see Mico here at my new blog for lazy pets (your invited to send photos)

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

did you actually cut colored paper to make that? i mean, it's gorgous. and i hope pablo is doing well