Monday, August 25, 2008

The Obama Wave

There is no doubt that drawing is what I love to do best. But, it is not all that I do- and often, it is my reportage that has led me to other, unexpected, fantastic opportunities.
I was invited to be one of 75 artists to exhibit in an exhibition that complements the Democratic National Convention.
The exhibit, at Manifest Hope Gallery, is open this week.
I am honored and excited to be a part of this exciting time in this way.
When we were asked to think beyond the portrait of the candidate, I knew exactly what picture I wanted to make-
In this scenario, it is about the wave of voters that are getting involved for the first time. It was my obsession with drawing people in my sketchbook that allowed me to put it together.


Nancy S said...

I love the activity of this. In an election, the focus is always on the candidate himself (or maybe some day herself). We all get to know every feature and line of that person's face. But you have brought it to the people who are backing this man. This is the real story. This community of shared ideals should be what the reporters cover, not a slip of the tongue or color of the tie of the person leading the movement, a movement that is going for once in eight years, in the right direction. Bravo, Melanie..!

memi said...

Thank you, thank you, Nancy-

Your feedback means a great deal to me- and is the viewpoint that I wanted to have come across!

Ira Robbins said...

Love it. Its got it, place, people, activity..color...various media...tonight is TV night at my apt for the first time in 4 years.
I hope this leads to many nights of curiosity and change...and a fair honest election.

memi said...

Thanks, Ira.
It feels good to be making pictures full time again.

I'm with you- there is hope in the air.

Stephen Gardner said...

This is great Melanie, It's the kind of image I aspire to. I'm going to be studying this one for some time, as I do all your drawings.

memi said...

You are too kind, Steve-
after all, I do not nearly have

Anna Nadler said...

Love the perspective going far and your choice of color and composition! Love everything!

That's the type of exhibition I aspire to be in some day as well, you really inspire me to work harder!

memi said...

Thank you, Anna.

You are a powerhouse when you work.

Anonymous said...

gobsmackingly fabulous!

Heidi Younger Illustration said...

Congratulations! Very impressive piece with such exciting lines.

memi said...

Heidi and Orangefrute-
thanks for checking in and the support-
Now is the time to get busy-
Get out and vote O. everyone!

Just got news that this piece sold-donation to the campaign, so this is good news!

Kay Aker said...

What energy and excitement!

eddiesezz said...

This blog is looking great!

memi said...

Thanks, Eddie.
We want you to blog, too!!!!

Heekyung Hur said...

I am so impressed by this drawing. I wish I could draw like you someday:)

memi said...

you are really kind- but you draw like YOU!
and it is beautiful!

LaughingRedhead said...

Melanie, I love this piece so much!

I think this story was played out all over the country, over and over, beautifully.

November 5th, I drove to DC to pick up some work at the gallery, and I went to the NEWSEUM. There, people were taking pics, filming, talking, and some of us weeping a little - looking at the international headlines featuring Obama's win.

It was WONDERFUL. This piece brings all that back . . . YES, WE DID!

Veronica Lawlor said...

Hi Melanie,

Checked out your blog through the Urban Sketchers link. I LOVE this drawing. It really is reportage, the way we were trained to do it. Just beautiful.
I'm looking forward to seeing your work on the new post!


memi said...

Hi Ronnie!!!!!

WEll, we were trained by the best, weren't we??
I am excited to be part of the Urban Sketchers group,
to be back in touch with you and Marg,
and always, have loved your work and the inspiration.