Friday, December 12, 2008

The Language of Pride

What transcends the inability to speak the same language?
Is it a shared look? A smile? Sometimes, I find it is a drawing-
In all of the little streets that I twisted and turned onto, filled with vegetables and vendors, steaming pots of soup, sparkling Christmas decorations, and glistening ducks, the language of pride came through.
When I paused for a minute or two to draw, our connections were made.
I felt like I had spoken to everyone who I drew, though I had not uttered
a word!


Katie said...

Hi Melanie, Thank you for your comments. You were in Hong Kong? Amazing place, isn't it? I was just there in Sept. Your drawings took me back and truly capture the area. I hope you are well and that we can see each other soon.

memi said...

Thanks, Katie.
It was amazing!

See you soon,

Ira Robbins said...

love these especially middle one. tall format is wonderful.

memi said...

Thanks, Ira.
Finally got a hold of a moleskine...

Lynne Chapman said...

Found them! These are fabulous - they have so much of you in them as well as the place. And I love the way they are just heaving with activity - exactly as I imagine it was like.

I am going to enjoy have a good nose around your site!

Don McNulty said...

Just found your blog via urban sketchers. I love your drawings. Thanks for sharing, so enjoyable and motivating.

memi said...

Lynne, thank so much for checking in here-
you, of course, know how rewarding it is to document from your travel experience.

Don, thanks so much for finding me-creating new connections is one of the pleasant surprises from being involved in that group!

Anna Nadler said...

These are true gems, real documentary, in-the moment, brilliant drawings!

memi said...

thanks, Anna.
Nice to hear from you again!