Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Drawing Gets Religion

Today I took my class to St. Patrick's Cathedral to draw.
The mild air and warm rain belied the December date. It was only inside that the massive crowds and the festive wreaths
told us that it was near to Christmas.
We spoke, my class and I, about the conflict of drawing while there were those around us who came to the cathedral to worship.
The flash of the cameras around us emphasized our thoughts, but quietly and respectfully we drew-and listened.
I was really proud of what they drew today. I stole a little time of my own-probably not the optimum choice of words for the venue, but such as it is- here is my day's work.


Stephen Gardner said...

I'm loving seeing your postings again, these are great and the Hong kong drawing is as good as it gets.

memi said...

Stephen, thank you so much.

Having the chance to go on a documentary trip
was the key to finding myself again.
I so needed it and drawing the days away really put me back in touch with me-
Oh to be able to do that all the time!

Anonymous said...

i love your drawings. fit. lucky students!

memi said...

It is me who is lucky!

thanks so much for checking in!