Saturday, February 21, 2009

Word On The Street

The end of Fashion Week in NY has brought out all the pundits about the
latest trends in color and length, sleeves or strapless, one shoulder or two,
and how our First Lady now has the added responsibility of leading the pack.
Though I would have lots to say, apparently this CNN reporter did not think that I was fashion forward enough to comment- that's ok, it gave me time to document her.


Ira Robbins said...

Melanie, I love the drawing and your comment.

memi said...

Thanks, Ira-
a little payback was in order, I figured...

Laureline said...

Fantastic composition in addition to super fun drawing. I run out of adjectives, but you get my drift ;D.
Your work is terrific.

Chad Wallace said...

A real beauty! I like the splash of red. Haven't talked to you in a while, hope you are doing well.

St├ęphane Kardos said...

I like your work a lot :)

BEN said...

uao! compliments for your art!
I love your lines, this force that coming out by your wonderful!
Full of life and movement!
compliments again!

memi said...

Wow, Thank you everyone!

Laureline, thanks for your comments her and on USk!

Chad! How are you?! Done with the book?
Come visit...
Stephane- I am glad to hear from you, thanks!

Ben, I am glad that you stopped by- thanks for your kind message!

Ira Robbins said...

hey, its been 5 weeks...enough is enough!! Looking forward to your next postings.

neilornstein said...

my first visit. I love that Voodoo book. Great stuff