Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out of and back from (South) Africa

It is a land of big skies and purple mountains. It is a coast with the
turquoise Indian Ocean crashing its shores. The air of traditional cultures,
struggle, and renewal hugs the mountains, the villages-and the malls. So much
to see and to hear and to eat and to drink in. Three weeks in South Africa
have left me with a sense of awe and curiosity, wanting even more. I am just now beginning to digest all of what I experienced and drew. My first posts here represent what struck me most- that people walked- from the early hours
of the morning, through the day. Their silhouettes dotted the landscape as the fiery sun set; wrapped in their winter clothing, determined to make life good for themselves and their families for another day. They walked the highways, through the sugar cane, out of the townships, the cities, down from the mountains.


Bri Hermanson said...

These are gorgeous, Melanie. It feels like you've certainly captured the spirit of the place as well as the people. My favorite thing about your trips is that your sketchbooks take us all on a vacation when you return. I'll be looking forward to seeing more!

memi said...

Thanks, Bri!
There was so much to capture-
soon, we'll be able to see yours??

Laureline said...

I commented on these at USk, but I wanted to tell you again how much I admire your work---these are just juicy with wonderfulness!

Ira Robbins said...

These drawings are wonderful. I especially (although its hard to choose) love the one w/pinkish tone. Also the faces in the next sketch are terrific. Your design is always impeccable...i admire that so much.

memi said...

Ira, thank you so much for this wonderful comment. You have heard my mantra- which is really not mine at all, but Dave Passalacqua's:

"Out of good design comes beautiful drawings."
Design is the thing.

nathaniel said...

Melanie, Wow I am living vicariously through your drawings South Africa Wow. Can’t wait to see you soon

nathaniel said...

Melanie, Wow I am living vicariously through your drawings South Africa Wow. Can’t wait to see you soon

Isabel said...

wonderful sketches to seen and reseen

Anna Nadler said...

This is lovely! I especially like the three ladies, so rhythmical!

Cheryl said...

These pieces are amazing Mel! I love them all but especially the three ladies. Looking forward to seeing more of the sketches from your trip. YOU need a book my dear!

memi said...


Thanks so much!
Yes, the book...

How izzit (as they would say in SA)

when are you accepting visitors???!!!!

neilornstein said...

please post more. these are wonderful

gustav[] pEña said...

nice drawings! love your work so madly
are you coming anytime back to teach drawing to Dominican Republic?

let me know if so.

im Gustavo, huldas boyfreind, remember me? your fan #1

i got a blog also, check it out.

I really would like to take more drawing classes with you. Any where on the world, please let me know where can this be.

Nathalie said...

Wow Melanie, your work is absolutely stunning! It was such a privilege to get to see some of your sketchbooks in Florida, you are an inspiration! :)
Love it love it love it!
(This is Nathalie by the way that really tall skinny chick in fla last summer) :D