Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Honor This Day

It is Veteran's Day in America, but why not pause the world over to think of all who serve their countries?
About a year ago, I had the chance to be imbedded with the US Air Force on live fire training exercises. If these brave young men and women thought for a minute "what was this round woman with graphite pencils doing climbing into their "truck"?!, they did not skip a beat as they welcomed me and included me in the training. For all the in-between joking and answering my unfailing barrage of questions, it took but a nano-second for them to get serious when they needed to. Their fresh faces and keen minds took me through what they experience day in and day out, on bases on our continent, and of course, in lands afar. It matters little what your political stance is- these are young people whose families are without them this day. I salute them, one and all.

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