Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet Ceret and Back to BCN

I did not have the heart to leave the South of France, so after some cajoling, we decided to wing our way back to Barcelona by way of Ceret. Oh, how I loved this town! It was so endearing, and seeing the Picasso ceramics was, well, the cherry on top.

One last day in Barcelona, so much to do and see! After a high speed drive by tour of all things Gaudi left to see, and a souvenir spending spree, we managed to get to Mercado Boqueria just before it closed. I so wish that I had been able to take Ea's and Marina's workshop, but I can see why everyone loved being there. I love being in any market, and this was no exception. A few quickies, and back to reality. 


Annie said...

Your sketches are reminding me of times in the white villages of Spain. I must go and find the sketch book I filled while I was last there! I love your second sketch of the view beyond. Thanks.

memi said...

Thank you, Annie. I have traveled through those towns and adored it. It is nice to know you here and to see your blog!

Joan T said...

Your sketches of France capture the essence of the tiny French villages so well! They definitely show the "character" of the places you visit.

It was fun sketching and talking with you yesterday.

memi said...

Joan- thank you so much for stopping by! I had a great time yesterday, and hope to see you again soon!