Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I See London, I see France

Back in September, I posted about my whirlwind trip to Oxford. 
Following the conference, I spent a day in London and then, off I went to spend a few days in France. Oh, it was amazing and heavenly, and full of cafés and museums and shopping and wine and I wish that I were back there right now. 
I was fascinated with the details and the grandeur- be it London or Paris and beyond. 

With all good intentions, I set out to do these living histories justice, but true to form, it soon became a pile up of details and winding in and out of the architecture, but boy, did I have fun!

Capturing the sites on the way to somewhere else is not only a challenge, 
but it creates great memories that resonate for longer and better than just gazing out the window.

What can you say about sitting anywhere in Paris and soaking it in?
A cafe and a scene- who needs more?

A side trip to Normandy, rich with history and delicious ornamentation.


Don McNulty said...

Ooooh la la! A Moveable Feast of drawings.

memi said...

Merci, bien, Don!!! Happy Holidays to you!

Joan Tavolott said...

Oh, Melanie, these are gorgeous and have such a Parisian feel! I love all the details to the architecture and your French faces on the stickies. The sketches of the countryside from the train really capture the feel of the area. Merci! I'm ready to sit down at that cafe and just people watch and sketch with you.

Susan Cornelis said...

Melanie, you've opened the door to a whole new way of sketching for me (through SBSkool) What you've done with Paris here C'est Manifique!

memi said...

Joan- thank you! Let's do it!!! Parisian sketch trip! Susan, thank you- SBS opened up new ways of thinking for me, too! It was so great to be a part of that community!

Gail Wong said...

Love these sketches!

Benedicte said...

J'adore, Melanie! Marvelous sketches and very inspiring!

Brian Bowes said...

Howdy Melanie,
Such wonderful drawings! I really enjoy the fun shapes your grouping of details end up making. It must've been a blast to sit and draw all that out!

I'm curious what drawing utensil that you're using. There seems to be some thick-thin with the lines, and it looks like it stays put when you watercolor over it? Just curious.

Thank you!

memi said...

Gail, Benedicte, thank you!
HI Brian- Thanks so much for the message! It is my favorite thing to do and when I can string together a few days of down time to draw, it is the BEST!
Sometimes, I just press harder on my pen- I primarily use a Pelikan 200 cartridge pen. I also turn the pen point upside down to get different widths. The ink is Platinum Carbon. It is a very rich, black ink that is totally waterproof. I have ordered it from Jetpens.com. See you on FB and Happy Holidays!

Carol Beckx said...

I keep coming back to this post - your lines are so alive and you make the detail look effortless.
Truly inspirational. Thank you

Brian Bowes said...

Thank you Melanie,

I will have to look into the Pelican pen. I use a Platinum Carbon pen (also purchased from the pen-mecca of JetPens.com,) but those lines are much smaller, and more like a technical pen in nature. I'm excited to find something with some line variation.


(the pen I use: http://www.jetpens.com/Platinum-Carbon-Desk-Fountain-Pen-Super-Fine-1-Carbon-Ink-Cartridge/pd/3851)

memi said...

Thank you Carol- and Brian, thanks, too. I will have to check out that pen...

Andy Reddout said...

these are wonderful! i will be traveling to Paris in 80 days and cannot wait to sit at a cafe and sip espresso and sketch! nice work!

the details and line work are intoxicating!

sriram said...

Wow. Just wow!!

Where does one learn to draw like this? How did you?