Friday, November 4, 2016

Dunes Days

The sky is as clear and crisp today as it was so many days on Cape Cod this past summer. I stayed by the water, and listened to the ocean, lulling me to sleep, waking me in the mornings. The rustling of the dune grasses, so elegant, so dancer like. They were glorious days filled with writing, reading, creation and plain daydreaming.
I was perfectly content sitting at my studio, for days on end.
The light was incredible and never the same, from day to day.

Shore Road seemed like an endless array of beach cottages, each so small, yet so strong, standing up to the sea and the wind.

And right across my little heavenly cottage were the dunes and the lake. Singing with the wind.

And, of course, Provincetown and the beach. There is always the beach.


Joan Tavolott said...

Your sketches make me ache to get back to the Cape. There is something magical about it and you captured it in your sketches. I've always wanted to rent a cottage right by the water there or up in Maine and just paint the same area over and over at different times of the day, weather, and light. These are great! I especially love the one of Provincetown and the one containing the person with his legs in front...what a wonderful composition. lol

memi said...

Thanks so much, Joan. I absolutely love it there. And if you ever want to make that kind of a trip, I am totally up for doing it!! We should talk about that. :)