Saturday, November 12, 2016

To The Streets

I think that it has been a little hard for me to know where to place my anger, frustration and disappointment in the results of our election. I recognize that I have fear for what is to come, revulsion at what the President-elect has been able to get away with when considering his attacks on women, his racism, bigotry, plagiarism, and bullying those with disabilities, not to mention that he will have us women walking backwards, if he has his way with Roe v. Wade. Do not get me started there.  That he has a following who believes in it all along with him, and even more who will turn away from those truths is downright scary. The past four days around the country has proven that. 

I did not go downtown with a sign, nor did I march. I documented. That's what I do. I have a feeling that is not all that I will do, but for now, following my report on the Javits Center and election day, 
I drew history- yesterday at Washington Square Park, which is to come, and today at Trump Tower. 
My viewpoint today was modest- I decided to meet the marchers at Trump Tower. It was a frozen zone, from 59/5th, down to 54/5- maybe beyond. But, I snared myself a good little corner at one of the barriers and played nice with the cops, and so, held my space for the drawings below. 
No captions needed- you see what was going down.


Catagonia7 said...

thank you for posting this! I am heartsick over this election result and love that you are recording history!

memi said...

Thank you, Catagonia..If only there were not so much material...

Joan Tavolott said...

It is sad that we have been reduced to this...and the effects he will have on the country and the world will be so horrid. I don't know if he even cares that so many people are protesting. He's too egotistical for that. Good reportage!